Our dog has a bit of anxiety and is only comfortable around family so we were reserved about taking him in for shots and an ID chip. The tech was so patient and kind with him that within minutes he willingly went to the back with her. He came back happy and wagging his tail. The doctor came out and talked with us, welcoming our dog to the practice. The office is clean and doesn't have that smell that one would usually associate with a wet's office. All of the staff that we met were very friendly to us and to our beloved dog.

Ann Lake Avatar
Ann Lake

Outstanding personnel in the veterinary staff doctor was fantastic highly recommend the place

Cody Clark Avatar
Cody Clark

Caring and friendly. They also want what is best for your pet.

David Fountain Avatar
David Fountain

I can’t say enough about this clinic!! Our puppy was very sick this weekend and they got us right in and he will be coming hime today! The Dr Kaleb and the entire staff have been amazing! They are caring and compassionate! I was given several updates through the weekend, which was a relief! I’m so Grateful I found this clinic!!! We will for sure continue care here!!!

Brooke Cortines Avatar
Brooke Cortines

Very friendly staff, came to the car and got our dog and returned her quickly for her nail grind.

Suzanne Stroud Avatar
Suzanne Stroud

We recently switched to Lonestar and I love it. They have spayed our SuperKitty, helped our dog Lucy with a painful hotspot and are helping our puppy Jack grow big and strong. They have a luxury boarding service and offered curbside appointments during covid. They are super friendly, affordable and efficient.

Alicia McMullen Avatar
Alicia McMullen

My black mouth​ cut lives this place so I love it. She was so afraid to travel in the car when we found her. But now she seems to like it since the only place we take her is to the vet. They treat her well there. We board her with them also. She always appear happy when we pick her up...like she has been well loved and had attention...oh y'all want me back? Lol. I highly recommend all their services. Dr spaded her and she recovered fine and dandy.
The doctor and staff are friendly and compassionate.

Ramona Harris Avatar
Ramona Harris

Always take care of my fur baby no matter what the problem is, and polite on top of that.

Charlie Howard Avatar
Charlie Howard

Love the helpful staff, nice facility, and reasonable prices.

Carrie VanHyfte Avatar
Carrie VanHyfte

We had to have our beloved Bandit put down. We chose this vet because he saw Bandit when we had an emergency. He explained to me what was happening to our baby to cause the seizures at only nine and had been a healthy dog a month ago. He and his staff were loving and caring to our grief over our loss. We received a condolence card a few day later. I would recommend this Veterinarian and office staff. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Shirley Olive Avatar
Shirley Olive