5 star rating  Dr Wood is an excellent veterinarian. I have been bringing my dog here for years. He was able to treat my dog quickly after being misdiagnosed from another emergency care facility. I believe you get what you pay for and lone star vet is worth every penny.

Kristin Ingersoll Avatar Kristin Ingersoll

5 star rating  Great place - very clean!

Clint Burges Avatar Clint Burges

5 star rating  Excellent animal care great service

LaDonna Walker Avatar LaDonna Walker

5 star rating  My black mouth​ cut lives this place so I love it. She was so afraid to travel in the car when we found her. But now she seems to like it since the only place we take her is to the vet. They treat her well there. We board her with them also. She always appear happy when we pick her up...like she has been well loved and had attention...oh y'all want me back? Lol. I highly recommend all their services. Dr spaded her and she recovered fine and dandy.

The doctor and staff are friendly and compassionate.

Ramona Harris Avatar Ramona Harris

5 star rating  They were all so sweet and caring. The doggie hotel looks very nice... Pool and and screen doors instead of fencing... I asked about checking in myself 😊

Lylekay McHaney Avatar Lylekay McHaney

5 star rating  I like the service here and the vet will explain everything to you and answer all questions

Krystal Hoyt Avatar Krystal Hoyt

5 star rating  This has by far been the best vet we have visited. Throughout our 13 year marriage we've had several fur babies. They have taken care of our dogs like they were their own. The building is nice too!!

Jacqueline Thomas Avatar Jacqueline Thomas

5 star rating  Love this place. They take great care of our animals. Love that they also have doggie bathing on premises.

Niki Rea Avatar Niki Rea

5 star rating  Good people really care about you and your pets.

Michael Molandes Avatar Michael Molandes

5 star rating  I have been taking Wrigley (Cairn Terrier) to Lone Star since I adopted her at about 5 weeks old. She was found at the side of the road (dumped) and taken to the shelter. I had said Goodbye to my precious Gracie (also a Lone Star patient) a few weeks earlier and had so appreciated their care of Gracie and me. This is by far the best vet clinic I have ever used!

Janice Pritchard Avatar Janice Pritchard