5 star rating  They were all so sweet and caring. The doggie hotel looks very nice... Pool and and screen doors instead of fencing... I asked about checking in myself 😊

Lylekay McHaney Avatar Lylekay McHaney

5 star rating  Love this place. They take great care of our animals. Love that they also have doggie bathing on premises.

Niki Rea Avatar Niki Rea

5 star rating  Very professional, friendly and took very good care of our baby girl. Thank you so much!

Tamra Kegler Avatar Tamra Kegler

5 star rating  We recently switched to Lonestar and I love it. They have spayed our SuperKitty, helped our dog Lucy with a painful hotspot and are helping our puppy Jack grow big and strong. They have a luxury boarding service and offered curbside appointments during covid. They are super friendly, affordable and efficient.

Alicia McMullen Avatar Alicia McMullen

5 star rating  I can’t say enough about this clinic!! Our puppy was very sick this weekend and they got us right in and he will be coming hime today! The Dr Kaleb and the entire staff have been amazing! They are caring and compassionate! I was given several updates through the weekend, which was a relief! I’m so Grateful I found this clinic!!! We will for sure continue care here!!!

Brooke Cortines Avatar Brooke Cortines

5 star rating  Very friendly staff, came to the car and got our dog and returned her quickly for her nail grind.

Suzanne Stroud Avatar Suzanne Stroud

5 star rating  Best vet in Lufkin. They are totally awesome!

Melissa Martinez Avatar Melissa Martinez

5 star rating  I have been taking Wrigley (Cairn Terrier) to Lone Star since I adopted her at about 5 weeks old. She was found at the side of the road (dumped) and taken to the shelter. I had said Goodbye to my precious Gracie (also a Lone Star patient) a few weeks earlier and had so appreciated their care of Gracie and me. This is by far the best vet clinic I have ever used!

Janice Pritchard Avatar Janice Pritchard

5 star rating  Caring and friendly. They also want what is best for your pet.

David Fountain Avatar David Fountain

5 star rating  Great place always take care of our pets .excellent service

Janis Sanches Avatar Janis Sanches